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  • Happiness is a way of travel

    nducted ○by IT news■paper Popul●ar Computer Week, ◆Chinese farm■ers desire to〓 own comput◆ers far

  • Two hearts that beat as one

    outstrips○ the demand for a◆ppliances ○like TV sets a〓nd digital camera◆s.Nearly 30 percent●

  • Love is composed of a single soul

    of the 4,160 farm〓ers surveyed fr●om six provinc○es expressed the◆ir keenness〓 to possess a com

  • Your hands your hearts

    ◆puter. Over 4●7 percent of the r〓espondents ○from Shandong said ●they would■ prefer a compute

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ourse,● it is not such a b●ig expense, o●ne would say. But ■to spend 5,000 t■o 6,000 yua●n on an appliance 〓that does not■ cook food or was○h laundry is ◆not a light decisi●on for a rural fam■ily living on a〓n average rural


Wedding Rights of

inco○me.According to the◆ National Bu■reau of Stat●istics the average◆ annual per capi○ta net inc●ome for the coun◆try's 721 million◆ rural residents ○is around 4,761 ■yuan.N

lief VII. S◆afeguarding Nat●ional

Honeymoon Unity and 〓

early 80 pe〓rcent of the you■ng couples ○in Zhangqiu, Shand■ong province, h○ave expressed the○ir desire to b●uy a compu■ter after marri●age, Du Linjun, depu◆ty directo◆r of th

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e city◆'s economic ●and trade departmen●t said.Related Vide◆o:China has anno◆unced a detai〓led subsidy plan fo●r auto and ●home applianc●e replacements. Wit●h that, offi◆cials

hei●r products to cash ●in on the

Latest recen●t

From the gover

are expe○cting a replacemen〓t of one m〓illion used vehic〓les and five■ million old home ap●pliances

.Rebates○ up to 6,000 ■yuan will be given ●to people trad●ing-i

n thei◆r used mediu●m and small trucks● and some type●s of medium■-sized pass◆enger

Say nment ●

cars.Co●nsumers can also ge●t the rebat●e by selling vehicle●s that no l●onger meet the gover◆nment's emiss●ion standards, but ○are still w●ithin their◆ life expectancy.F◆or home appliance r■eplacements◆, purchasers can g○et a direct price re■duction when○ t

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